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Twitter. Is. Relevant.



Anonymity Erased.

Both fascinating, and disturbing. But the ‘educated’ woman? Hilarious.



Miss ‘em? “WaLa!” Social Media!

So it’s a dreary Monday morning here in DC - totally appropriate for all dramatic intents and purposes, as it’s also the day two of my best friends leave Washington for their diplomatic post abroad. 

I have been admittedly, ridiculously sad as the countdown to their departure started for real about a month ago. At first, it was fun to chat about their post, and to see what they bought for their ‘trip’ … and then it started piling up, and their apartment had the telltale signs of a move - with boxes, bags, and to-pack lists. Then came the giving away of belongings (and conveniently for me, FOOD!) and I decided to go into denial - a welcome state when the two people whose couch you crash on nearly every weekend, start packing house. 


This past weekend were the last of those denial days - dinners at favorite restaurants and farewell parties with friends, not to mention one last couch-crashing weekend with trashy tv and a few HBO series marathons. But then this Sunday, as the late summer sunlight finally left the sky, I moved from denial to deep sadness for their departure.

And then … voilà! (or in this case WaLa!) - I remembered two words that have changed my life ever since I left med school: SOCIAL MEDIA.

Yep - those two words - which have come to define my workday, are the same two words that helped me not shed a single tear on the metro ride back to my apartment. Social media!

Why? Well because (WaLa’s) - this is what I’m looking forward to: 

Twitter - I hope to see some snarky 140-character commentary, not to mention check-ins on Foursquare at some lovely hole-in-the-wall restaurants in that exotic locale. (I also expect to still see the retweeting of awesome Jezebel articles that I always manage to miss - though I won’t totally hold them to that.) 


Blogs - their everyday musings have been enjoyable to follow on their blog, We Be Rollin’ Stones, though there haven’t been many updates lately since their training ended because they were “pretty much sitting on the couch everyday watching Khloe and Lamar.” So I’m hoping that’ll be back up and running so we can see some updates and pictures of their adventures in tropical CR.

Facebook - let’s be honest - this is the supreme stalking tool! From thought-of-the-day updates, to wall posts to pics and videos, I’m looking forward to vicariously living a day in the life of a diplomat via this lovely medium. If there’s any lag on the FB postings, they can expect to hear a doorbell ring, and find a sunburnt Sabeen on their doorstep, shaking a laptop at them.


Last and best, Skype - this lovely tool is for those days of serious withdrawal - when a post, a picture, and even a phone call isn’t enough. Though AOL recently purchased the company, major changes don’t seem to be in effect just yet, so I’m looking forward to some visual telephony in the upcoming months. If a picture is worth a thousand words - a live video feed is worth a million more, plus those warm fuzzy feelings. 


So between all of those new media tools, not to mention a few others, like ‘Whatsapp' and Google Voice, I’ve come to better terms with seeing my best friends leave the country. Though it’ll be tough not to want to head over for an amazing (and healthy) homecooked meal, to call them for some ‘Game of Thrones’ catchup, or maybe an afternoon of ‘Khloe and Lamar,’ still, it’ll be nice to know, they’re only a hop, skip, and a click away… 

Plus, I’m planning on crashing on their couch wherever they are in the world.

See you on the flip side WaLa’s. ♥ 



Keep this on hand* for high five emergencies. 
*pun! (yes i did.)
Happy Friday all. :)

Keep this on hand* for high five emergencies. 

*pun! (yes i did.)

Happy Friday all. :)



Twitter is the most impulsive form of social media, but it’s still the most celebrated among politicians and pundits… which is curious, since it can destroy any sense of privacy.

- Megan McCain

A great article on the positive and negative effects of Twitter in politics by Sen. McCain’s social media savvy kid daughter.

On the positive side, I find that if I like a pundit or media personality and start following them on Twitter, I tend to like them more and become a bigger fan of theirs. If I follow someone and I don’t like their Twitter feed, I unfollow them and often have a changed opinion of the person.”

Megan McCain is starting to grow on me… the Republican Party should look away from the Palins and towards this new McCain… 

For more, hit the link below.




STILL we see hesitancy, or rather, a disbelief in the power of social and new media. Watch this clip to see its overwhelming hold over the globe.




The people at the Information Design Lab circa 1992 = psychic.